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EMA ebook: Explanatory Model Analysis: Explore, Explain, and Examine Predictive Models.


Stan Lipovetsky, 2022. "Explanatory Model Analysis: Explore, Explain and Examine Predictive Models," Technometrics, 64:3, 423-424.
...The book presents a valuable collection of methods for models’ exploration and diagnostics for various machine learning algorithms. It can be useful in the data and computer science courses for students and instructors, as well as for researchers and practitioners who need to analyze and interpret their statistical and machine learning models both of glass-box and black-box kind. The book also serves as a great primary for applications of the R and Python software and their packages/libraries, so it is valuable in solving various problems of statistical prediction in various fields...

Simon French, 2022. "Explanatory model analysis: Explore, explain, and examine predictive models," Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A, vol. 185(3), pages 1464-1464.
...This book presents, explains, and summarises the techniques for doing so. Moreover, it provides code in R and Python for doing so. The methods have many similarities with those of sensitivity analysis developed within the Sensitivity Analysis of Model Output (SAMO) community...